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that wasn't hate, that was an opinion based on factual evidense: when you give someone who is undeserving something, they waste it.

Tom Joyner really doesn't care if she succeeds, it is merely an investment for him, which he could not buy that kind of publicity.. "Tom Joyner is a good man who actually cares about people and puts his money where his mouth is!"

The sad truth is, Tom Joyner is an opportunist taking advantage of the moment that will create a pile of money for himself and a life of woe for Rachel Jeantel because she was not capable of earning a degree in the first place, and will attract paracites who will use and abuse her, finding her strength was never her own.

For exaple.. lottery winners many times go broke very quickly because they did not earn it, have no idea how to manage it, attract papracites, and predetors who eat them (their winnings) alive.