Comment: Collectivist / socialist / liberal / group think in one sentence

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Collectivist / socialist / liberal / group think in one sentence

I totally hear you.

Here's the collectivist / socialist / liberal / group think, in one sentence :

"You better find normal to give stuff to the groups I have deemed important, or I'll have my buddies make laws to force you at gun point, you selfish individualist monster!"


Sounds about right, or did I miss something?

(as for communists, they are either mere downright thugs or braindead beggars)


You're much welcome, but hey:

All credits for the debunking should go to men like Frederic Bastiat or Benjamin Constant... 150+ years ago.

(Granted, I'm only a nobody who can read and speak in English or French the 10 page booklet of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that fits on 1 page. Our liberal friends know so much better than we do, of course.)

'Hope it helps,

"Cope with them."

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