Comment: I know what you mean!

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I know what you mean!

I am an automation specialist with my own company and I never have enough quality talent. There is SO MUCH MORE my company can do but where is the talent??

My company is working on automation systems for biology labs that are scheduled to be put into production for automating aquaponics, hydroponics, aeroponics systems. We are making good progress but if there was more talented people out there then we could have more reasonable wages through competition and do WAY more. I also have various patented manufacturing processes that are shelved right now because of no investments for such deep developments. The list is nearly endless of what we could be doing but simply lack the talent and investments to do so. In the end the immediate right now needs drive most of our development which is somewhat of a shame compared to what we could be building and automating. It seems clear we can't have a Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla in todays world due to the banks controlling the capital flows. Most talented inventors and engineers are stuck in little cubicles working for defense contractors developing automated weapons for mass automated death. This is a direct result of a criminal bank printing debt based currency and controlling the capital flows to nightmare corporations that simply throw money at the problem.

For my little company it is not that I don't want to pay people top level for top level skills it is that having such high wages makes it very difficult to solve the chicken and egg problem. There's is more we could do but it also cost so much to maintain a developer's tools and wages that contracts or investment are needed to support the developer but its very difficult to get contracts to do more without the talent to do the work. Chicken and Egg. I am slowly solving this problem but the main impediment is a lack of talented people competing for jobs. Anyone who looks at the government to provide jobs is simply lazy and wants something else to solve their own shortcomings. This is clear from a talented technology developers standpoint.

I wish people could realize that there is an huge ABUNDANCE of automation work just waiting to be done. And yes we can indeed automate most things including farming. We will soon have a Box of Food where a computer will tell the consumer what activities need to be done to maintain their own food supply. We will even have the ability to simply set settings on a computer for the mix vitamins minerals and overall caloric intake and have all the supplies and nutrients for twenty years of food shipped with your Box of Food with real time monitoring and access to your controls from your smartphone. It will come and anybody who wants to provide talent and/or resources to make it happen faster then let me know.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...