Comment: That's not an ad hominem. You

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That's not an ad hominem. You

That's not an ad hominem. You need to reaquaint yourself with what that means.

An ad hominem is when someone says you are wrong because you are bad. I'm not saying you are a coward therefore wrong in being statist.

I'm saying you are wrong in being statist, and thus also a coward since you don't even act upon your own wrong beliefs, although you are quite willing to send other men to do your dirty work.

You must be either insincere in your belief, or a coward. I'm assuming you are very sincere. So you must be a coward if you don't do what you believe is right. If stealing from your neighbor to support some program you like is a noble thing to do, go do it. Don't wait for the inefficient government. Look at all the good you could be doing!

Further your willingness to initially comment calling anarchists 'slow on the uptake' but then get butthurt when someone fails to coddle you with the courtesy you didn't offer to begin with, supports that assumption.