Comment: Morality can be defined AND proven.

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Morality can be defined AND proven.

Morality exists. We see the results of it all the time. Not everyone abides it.

Behavior that is universal is not what morality is describing. We don't consider the fact that people that still have their legs use them to walk a moral issue. We don't consider a person that needs a wheelchair to be immoral.

Not only can morality be proven you believe in morality. You just want to convince of of the debased form of morality that arises from the least common denominator of human interaction, ie political processes.

We on the other hand observe that your beloved statism actually increases conflict. In asserting that morality itself is subject to political process you are attempting to create a world of perpetual strife as not only resources are continually and necessarily battled over, but the moral bases for justifying the fight is continually and necessarily fought over.

The moral basis for politicized morality fails on consequentialist ground.

You're not really telling us there is no morality. You, like all statists, are simply trying to trick people into thinking your debauched morality that derives from voting, is somehow not morality.

We know this because if you didn't think it was morality you wouldn't go to such pains to convince us that your vulgar morality is somehow better.

Morality exists. You wouldn't be arguing it otherwise. My personal thinking is that while it must exist, it can't be perfectly defined by humans because we are imperfect and also morality continually and gradually changes as we evolve. The inscrutability of the exact parameters of morality are a knowledge problem that can never be perfectly solved. But we can and do know the vast majority of the shape of morality.

Just like in physics we cannot ever determine the exact state of a particle, we will never predict exactly the best moral choice in tail cases.

But we can predict how a macroscopic body will behave with great precision.

And we do know the right thing to do in almost every situation we encounter.