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Israel created it in their effort to sustain and grow the desert so they had places to live that were not cutting down olive trees and destroying Unoccupied Palestine.

I think if you start with the YouTubes on the right of the one I posted, you will be AMAZED at what they are doing.. no monsanto.. that garden I showed you is straw bale gardens..

You know, I tried, and admittingly failed, at a great expense, to develope a food forest/permaculture here.. some things worked, but as a complete system, I found myself spending a lot of money and time, to have to spend more money and time, on more equipment, and life being what it is, "rust never sleeps", it seemed what I created was a system that was enslaving me and running me into debt completely defeating my goal of self reliance.

In my quest to find out WHY RP would say "Israel is our friend".. when I came to agriculture, it blew my mind what and how they were doing.. and you see the people in that vid.. all kind brothers and sisters.. and I had one of those , :where the hell have I been? moments. Well I was all cought up in conspiracies that led me away from THE TRUTH, in the name of THE TRUTH.

My whole plan is now completely changed on permaculture, food forest is still happening because of the trees I planted.. that has worked and the area for gardening is still the same, but my aqua plans and garden plans have changed.. I dig the straw bales.. they work on many levels, it has been far more cost effictive, and now if I could get some of their ceramic solar tiles

USA is trying to catch up..

I have found three business feasable business ideas since my research.

I feel like I hit a gold mine, and part of me, that conspiracy theorist that never sleeps, thinks . the resistance to Israel in the USA is from corproatrions who don't want the public to get a clue where the ideas come from.