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Comment: No. Sorry. Private business or personal aircraft go w/o TSA

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No. Sorry. Private business or personal aircraft go w/o TSA

'Checkpoint? What checkpoint? Action aviation ain't got no checkpoint!' Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not mess with private or personal use aircraft as a rule. Having an Uncle Ben Action figure... as the lead secret transparent agent in a money-laundering clearly transparent private cartel would not be realistic.
General aviation aircraft have no use for the TSA: Not generally known that, as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said in a proposed set of rules in late 2008, “with few exceptions, T.S.A. does not currently require security programs” for general aviation aircraft operators. That class of aviation is very broad, including everything from a weekend pilot in a Piper Cub to a farmer’s crop duster to big $65 million business jets capable of spanning the world.

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