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I will try and explain.

a whole lot of very nervous pro second amendment rights advocates down voting anyone who questions the motives and actions of Zimmerman on the night he shot Martin.

Not that I have seen, only refuting those who fabricate the official story to support their own narrative. If someone would provide valid evidence versus what we do have, then it needs to be presented, but thinking that one can make up a story, and others should support it is silly.

The jury may have found Zimmerman innocent, but there is a lot of room for doubt as to what really happened that night.

I agree, and I am sure Zimmerman told the story that would put himself in the best light, as would I, and you, and anyone whose life is on the line.

Zimmerman changed his story several times. Zimmerman was also taking stimulants and benzo's. (bad combo)No one checked to see what his blood levels were that night.

Was there a reason to check? Did he seem intoxicated to officers responding? Where is a link or any proof that this is correct about taking meds?

There is also the video that showed Zimmerman entering the police station after the shooting. There did not seem to be a mark on the guy.

And the media once again got caught with their pants down. There are many articles explaining how the photos and video were doctored, as well as the NBC editor who was fired for "getting caught" doctoring the 9-11 call. Works both ways Peggy.

He refused medical treatment that night. Are there any X-rays to show he had a broken nose?

He was treated by paramedics on the scene, and even a doctor right out of medical school can pretty much tell if a nose is broke, is the fact of whether it was broken or not relevant to the back of his head?

Zimmerman was a known wanna be cop. He put loaded a bullet into the chamber according to the 911 dispatcher. What was he contemplating.

Please provide a link with proof, as this is news to me. I would dare say were I carrying, then a bullet would have already been in the chamber, but I have never seen or heard evidence of what you claimed there, also chambering a round in a legal firearm is legal as well, it doesn't show intent, only that he was ready to protect himself.

Zimmerman was chasing Trayvon. Nothing Zimemerman stated happened that night can be refuted so we are all just going to take it as gospel even though Zimmmerman changed his story several times.

You can take it how ever you want, it is how the law works based on what we find credible enough to consider to be true and factual. Zimmerman was following Martin as any responsible neighbor would, and no need to take it as gospel because as has been said a thousand times, following someone is not a crime, it is not stalking, and no where in this nation is it illegal. It's ok, I will play that game and state that Zimmerman was running after Martin the entire time, lets say he was wearing a miners helmet carrying a box of dinner napkins and screaming "SNOWCONES"!, still not illegal or deserving of assault.

The only reason Zimmerman got off was because there was no one that could refute his story.

The reason Zimmerman got off is because the prosecution was under pressure from special interests, anti gun, and race groups demanding he be tried for 2nd degree murder. They charged him with a crime that could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt over pressure, and it was the prosecutions job, with investigators from the local sheriff's office, the FBI, and others to prove he killed Martin, evidence proved differently.

I believe it was in the original police report that the shooting could have been avoided if Zimmerman had not pursued Martin. Martin had not committed any crime that night until as you are all convinced he attacked Zimmerman.

And an earth quake could have prevented it, an out of season Florida blizzard, a plane crash in the neighborhood, herpes, Santa Clause, and George Carlin, the fact is it did happen, and while Martin or Zimmerman had neither committed a crime to our knowledge that night, all evidence points to Zimmerman's story being viable. I did not say factual, only viable.

The Media turned this whole thing into a race war. The prosecution was overzealous in their charges against Zimmerman. The prosecution was totally corrupt and should be held accountable. None of this changes the fact that there is man George Zimmerman walking around with a loaded gun just looking for a reason to use it.

You are correct about the media, the prosecution did everything they could and attempted to use every trick, racial attack, media photo shopping, 9-11 recording manipulation, and so on and still could not get Zimmerman on even a man slaughter charge. Many of us think justice was served, but your emotional anti gun shines when you say "George Zimmerman walking around with a loaded gun just looking for a reason to use it." Where in the hell did you get that? When had Zimmerman ever shot anyone before? Why if he was such a mad murderer did he not unload a clip into Martin reload and repeat? There is no basis for your last statement other than emotion, no fact, no credible evidence, only your glowingly bright biased opinion that accounts for naught.

Why that doesn't scare the shit out of you is beyond me.

Because just like Zimmerman I carry legally to protect myself and my family. In the South carrying a pistol, rifle, or shotgun is not a big deal, and we enjoy one of the lowest crime rates in the nation here. What scares me is people that have no history with firearms trying to dictate to the law abiding that they are a danger, but as we see even when evidence points to justifiable homicide there are those who will demonize people only trying to protect themselves. While Zimmerman might be a terrible person, a wife beater, a racist, or a pervert, none of that played out in this event or was relevant in this case. from the time he got hit (as he claims) to the time that the gun went off was 45 seconds. 45 seconds of taking a beating with your head bouncing on concrete is all I need to hear. The rest of the story factual or make believe is of no matter.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an