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Comment: The paper money is not money its NOTES or DEBT

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The paper money is not money its NOTES or DEBT

Counterfeit money used to drop claims of debt, NOTES. These claims then are used as justification for IRS collection. The collection is not about a need for money. Its about identification of those who will not comply to liars, thieves, and mass murderers. Then these non-compliant people can be separated, castigated, prisoned, tortured, and murdered as examples for those who will submit to the extortion. The obedient false debt slaves.

Yah those notes being droped are just for distraction.

They are tickets to the evil puppet show. Where puppet politicians from puppet governments make big speeches with puppet media. While the audience is being robbed and worse. The puppet master just laughed. Until he notices some in the audience not being taken in. Now the puppet master vacillates in a psycho schizophrenic spiral between fear of being found out and held accountable and the pleasure, greed of controlling the audience even unto their deaths.