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I'm going to make a video of

I'm going to make a video of three women and two men of African, Asian, Slavic, Caucasian and Latino decent (but not having any one person have pure blood of any of these races) all covenanted in a multi-racial polygamist marriage with three adopted children and four natural children, and two step children from previous marriages, oh and four pets, two of which are endangered species. And also their zany jewish neighbor will periodically be over creating some kind of humorous diversion. They will be casually using my product or service and it will be really cute.

Then I'm going to show the video in Japanese, subtitled in Klingon, (with the background music using JC Bach's Sonata for viola da gamba in F Major) to an audience consisting of some inner city kids from a pre-school in Raleigh and some Alzheimer's patients from a nursing home in Tuscaloosa at midnight on May 1st in the auditorium of the Kennedy Center.

Then I'm going to film THEIR reaction and use THAT as an advertisement for my products and services.

I'm gonna be rich!