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but ownership is a legal

but ownership is a legal concept, beyond mere posession. i can possess a stereo and you can take it away from me. only in a legal sense can i still own it, without possessing it. absent this legal concept, posession goes to the stronger party, and that is the end of it. that is nature and natural law.

a person does not 'possess' their body, they are one and the same with their body. ownership does not come into it, as it is a legal concept. just as someone can steal a stereo, someone can use superior force to make you do things unwillingly. people can take possession of other people, just as with an object. only some stronger third person or some body of people could enforce your self 'ownership.' that would introduce the legal concept of ownership, over the natural principle of superior force. ownership, again, is a legal concept.

since ownership depends on the legal enforcement of a third party - the law, the community, superman, spiderman, or what have you - your self ownership is something provided to you by that third party or body, and therefore you owe it an obligation for defending your personal freedom, and all your property rights, from stronger adversaries.

the only thing that could release you from such an obligation is if you were powerful enough to defend your claim to self ownership independently, without recourse to other people. if others have to agree to defend you, then you have to agree to the common terms in which self ownership is established legally. in nature, it does not exist.