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If I claim the right to be

If I claim the right to be free from force, and someone comes and stabs me in the eye, my right means nothing. Only if my defense is provided for or my attacker is punished has my claim to a right to be free from force been granted. Otherwise, anyone could come stab me in the eye, and my only recourse would be to stop him with my own might. If my right to be free from being stabbed in the eye, or to have my blindness avenged, is to be provided for in any concrete way, others must act positively, make physical and economic expenditure to provide for my security or punish my assailant.

therefore, my claim to negative rights requires an actual claim on positive action by others to enforce my negative rights. without these rights being upheld and defended, they cannot be of any meaning, as again, anyone could violate them without interference except the resistance of my own physical powers. that was already the case without the right - i could resist fully with my own physical power, but demand no one else protect me. my 'negative rights, to be enforced, all entail positive acts by others.

furthermore, if i and everyone else have the right to refuse 100% to contribute to any enforcement apparatus for defending negative rights, then that means a state of affairs could prevail in which my negative right not to fund a rights-defense apparatus means that there is no such apparatus to defend my negative rights. you have walked smack dab into another contradiction.

without a claim on rights enforcement, my right is nothing more than my own might, or my own ability to force or pay others to defend my claims, which can be anything. back to square one. anarchy, superior might and wealth making whatever demands it wants and enforcing them.

claims that anyone protect my negative rights from those who would violate them obviously entail positive acts which draw from a limited pool of scarce resources, time, persons, and funds. paying police and military and courts costs money. even forming a posse and lynch mob or a drum head court to enforce my personal 'rights' is a claim on others time, others energy and puts others at risk. if i cannot claim that, and have only my own power to defend my rights, than i am in the same position as if i had no rights.

rights are claims i make from society which enough other people agree to so that their enforcement is put into political form via law and government.