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Comment: ya.. bill3 is a real fan of a

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ya.. bill3 is a real fan of a

ya.. bill3 is a real fan of a democracy

you really got me pegged Ed.. a real marksman, you.

i would think my avatar and twitter namesake (mencken) would give away my feeling for democracy... i guess my own words will have to suffice.

"The character of our political system has three salient features, each corresponding to a stage in the process. The campaign, the period in office, and the legacy of the elected leader.

The first stage, the campaign, embodies the evil virtue of Deceit. It selects for the greater liar, tempter and deceiver. The greatest rewards flow to the greatest practitioner of the virtue of deception, so key to our democratic process. Who better than the Father of Lies to exemplify and represent this virtue?

The second stage in our political system is the period in office. The purpose of this stage is theft on a grand scale, both for the personal aggrandizement of the office holder and the looting of its public and private resources for the benefit of those who are most engaged and invested in the process.

While there are many other contenders who are well suited and skilled in theft, Satan lays over them in both substance and style. The other contenders can only rob you of your dignity and honor tomorrow. When you grip your hand on that dirty lever, you give up both. But only Satan can rob your soul along with it.

Finally, the legacy of any great leader today is surely commensurate with his body count. The measure of greatness for every reign of glory is a heap of mangled corpses. In the long run, looking backward and summing up, the ability of the average man to participate in mass murder on an immense scale, to really feel part of it, is one of democracy's crowning achievements. "