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Zimmerman did not call 911. Zimmerman called dispatch. 911 is the emergency line, dispatch is the non-emergency line.

Zimmerman did nothing illegal by following Martin.

If Zimmerman had called dispatch 150 times, there's nothing illegal about that either. His neighbors admitted to calling 911 (not dispatch) at least once a week.

Head injuries are never insignificant. If a doctor tells you head wounds are insignificant, don't walk away from this doctor, run.

Remember Nastasha Richardson?

"Such bleeding is often caused by a skull fracture, and it can quickly produce a blood clot that puts pressure on the brain. That pressure can force the brain downward, pressing on the brain stem that controls breathing and other vital functions.

Patients with such an injury often feel fine immediately after being hurt because symptoms from the bleeding may take time to emerge."

Let's see, who would I want in my neighborhood? A resident trained by the local police department to be a neighborhood watch person or Trayvon Martin? To me, that's not a hard choice.