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Your use of the term

Your use of the term 'aggression' seems a bit vague to me. I don't assume to know what you mean by it? Am I engaging an act of aggression toward you right now? How about if I walk up to you unexpectedly on a public sidewalk and ask you for the time? What if I walked up to you on the street and asked you what you were doing? What if I seemed to approached you hastily? What if I shook my hands in the air crazily and blathered, "Blubbbllubdsredblub!" What if I shouted out to you, "Hey asshole!"

Where do you draw the line into what you consider aggression?

Did you have a notion of such a line before the Zimmerman trial?

Has your exposure to the Zimmerman trial moved that line?

By the way, as you have not made clear in your comment, what was Zimmerman's act of aggression in your mind?