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Comment: Glad you are ok. Now it's

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Glad you are ok. Now it's

Glad you are ok. Now it's time to prepare for the future to make sure these things don't happen again, not just for you but also for your neighbors.

Turn this experience into an experiment. Try getting a community watch going on a few blocks surrounding your home, with a clear message that it is a 'glock block', meaning neighbors will look out for neighbors, and don't fu*k with us because we believe in the right to bear arms.

The thugz will go to areas where there is less of a threat of being harmed during their violation of property rights.

You can start by going around to your neighbors, explaining what happened just a few doors down from them. Then invite them to the shooting range. Become familiar and pitch the idea of community watch and how guns are a deterrent to crime, especially inside a tight knit community.

This is what I have been doing after the 3rd time my house got broken into. It's surprising how many neighbors will take up the idea once presented to them in an concise way. Especially the male figures with a family to protect, it really hits home with them.

Like I said, I'm glad you are ok after the encounter, and hope you get justice. If nothing else, use it as a learning experience.