Comment: Glad you're okay buddy

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Glad you're okay buddy

Cyril, you're a good guy and you didn't deserve this to happen to you. However, now that it has, may it turn in to a wake up call for you.

You were VERY LUCKY that your neighbor was HOME, and that he cared enough to come out. You might want to ask yourself "why" he was the only one to respond to your screams for help, and even worse, "what if" he hadn't been home or simply couldn't hear you at the time because say the TV was too loud or he was in the shower.

""It's just it's getting closer to us now.""

""We'll just move out if that gets too much for our family's safety.""

What's "too" much Cyril??? An actual injury where blood is drawn? A trip to the hospital? YOU WERE LUCKY. Tonight could have been the end for you Cyril - and your family would have been left to suffer. Think of them and your kids growing up fatherless. What if next time the target isn't you, but someone else in your family?

I'm sorry if I'm coming on a little too strong and maybe the shock doesn't have you thinking too clearly at the moment, but I care about you and I don't want this to happen to you. If it were to happen again, to you or a family member, you or they could be killed, permanently injured, - or if you survive but someone else doesn't - you could be looking at a lifetime of regret. It's something that's very hard to live with and I sincerely hope you manage to avoid it.

Start practicing "situational awareness".

Stay safe and God bless.