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Thanks buddy, I'm sure you speak for everyone. (wink)

Sorry for the late response, but I hadn't logged on since we last "spoke", since it had been hard for me to actually sit at the computer. Been checking from time to time the "top ten" & the front page on my phone, but I'm sorry to say that this place has gone downhill somewhat(how many posts about Zimmerman -sheeesh?!).

I did manage to catch your post about appendectomy costs. Mine was 23K - just for the hospital stay - and not counting all the other "side" bills they hit you with.

My wound FINALLY closed up about 5 days ago. So much for the 30-60 day prognosis -SMH.

I just had to log in today because Cyril mentioned he had been mugged(sucks), and wanted to let him know I was happy he was okay(one lucky bastard). Then I saw your messages. Feels good to be missed.

How have you been dducks? Hope life's treating you good buddy. : )