Comment: I do beleive congress

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I do beleive congress

was not aware of the full scope of the spying.

The patriot act was passed, and contained language saying that spying could be conducted "on individuals who may be of interest". Meaning, if the government suspects a person of being connected with terrorism, then they would issue a spy warrant.

In 2006 however, the FISA court ruled that "individuals of interest" could mean anyone, because anyone COULD be connected to terrorism, and gave the authorization to spy on the whole damn country.

The big question then is, who the hell is this FISA court? Well, they are a federal curcuit court, who's justices are appointed by, drum roll, the chief justice of the supreme court. In this case John Roberts. They are not elected, and they are not answerable to anyone but Roberts, who can reappoint new people at any given time.

So if any one man is to blame, it is either John Roberts (or Bush if you want to consider that Bush appointed him).

In many ways, the legislative and executive branches of government have no power over this aspect at all, so it would make sense that there would be some congressmen who did not even know this was going on, and would be outraged now.

Beyond that though, I am not surprised if certain high ranking officials in congress, as well as the president, knew that it was taking place, and personally approved it. But this still does not make them responsible, as any law they craft can and probably will be over turned by the FISA court.