Comment: I stopped the video

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I stopped the video

We are not the ones.

That perspective may have a place in someone's mind, but not mine.

The message is duplicitous.

Individuals think, and individuals act, and as a sum total of thoughts and actions there can be an accounting such as the concept of surplus wealth.

We do not make surplus wealth.

We did not sign the order to double the money supply in 2008 and buy World War III with more orders signed by us.

We do not torture.

We do not mass murder.

If there is a negative to this porn stuff, so called, it is that which is destructive to life.

To say that we did it, to me, is to say that the gun did it, or the government did it, or the Son of Sam, or Sam did it.

Duplicity is a sickness, in my opinion, as the sickness fails to accurately hold each individual person to account for each individual action in time and space.

Collective punishment is the message?

If not, then what is the message, exactly?