Comment: It seems to me

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It seems to me

that its your point of view that is contributing to people around the country getting killed, not mine.

It was the prosecution and the political agenda they had that turned this into a racial issue. From the looks of some of the pro Zimmerman people posting on these threads there just may be some truth to it.

Because I don't believe Zimmermans version of what happened that night I should be held responsible even though I do not believe that any of Zimmermans actions that night were racially motivated.

"Now I do question your patriotism" You can question anything you want. So can I. It's our right isn't it Mike.

You and your pro Zimmerman mob are exhibiting the same Mob mentality that these violent protesters are exhibiting. You think justice was served, they don't. They think they can sway public opinion with violence, you think you can do it with insults.

I think Zimmerman is a very sick individual that happened to get off because the Jurors followed the law, they could not prove otherwise.

Zimmerman was acquitted because there was no one to refute who started that altercation that night.

I see it this way Mike. There is Zimmermans rendition of what happened, there is the politically motivated rendition of happened, and then somewhere in the middle of this tragic mess is the real truth.

I know one other thing for sure. Had Zimmerman been sick in bed that night with the flu, Trayvon Martin would still be alive.