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Just reporting what I see ;)

Updates (EST):

11:01 pm - It has been confirmed by multiple sources that Inglis and Cole have fled to Hong Kong.

Despite this revelation, mainstream media is fawning over news that Cole's wife was once a hand model for Palmolive.

10:24 pm - CNN is reporting, per an anonymous government source, that Inglis and Cole intentionally took their respective posts at the NSA and DOJ in order to leak surveillance information to Congress.

"They engaged in a decades-long, career-building venture just for today's leak," the source said.

9:57 pm - MSNBC pundit Melissa Harris-Perry has called for Inglis and Cole to return to the States and face the consequences of their actions, apparently already tired of talking about the two whistleblowers.

;) Enjoy...if it's any consolation, I was fooled by it too at first!

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