Comment: LOL MOX calls GG THE SPIGOT

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THE SPIGOT, what a perfect name for GG.

Right, All THE SPIGOT is doing is "Publishing Stories", stories that aim to fuel the fears and hate of Americans who don't take the government in their own hands diplomatically.

CA just passed a law that license plates will have digital tracking devices. ALL credit cards allready have this. Where was the whistle blowing? It was in the face and no one did anything (I don't like the term "where's the outrage because outrage does nothing, where the involvement by wee the people in government?)

This is a snowjob because it's keeping the REAL THREATS to privacy OFF THE MAP.

There are whistle blowers laws and snowden didn't go there, instead he went to GG who is now aligning himself with DE (more liberal BS), who put RAND CORP above the USA, thereby giving corporations THE POWER, and why we have been sinking from freedom to corpotacracy AKA communism.