Comment: Again, another hit piece of disinformation! Waste of time...

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Again, another hit piece of disinformation! Waste of time...

Look elsewhere for enlightenment... how about reading Dr. Paul, past and present for starters?! Followed by a close analysis of Senator Paul's carefully crafted strategy!

DP is filling to the gills with disinformation, distractions from the cause of 'liberty electing', but above all... the biggest smokescreen of all history...

... how can we obscure and obfuscate the renewal of the FED, again today, and again tomorrow, and again...?

Nevertheless, even the 'distractions' being orchestrated to keep the public's eye off the looming renewal of the greatest crime behind it all... THE FED... even the distractions are in themselves, groundbreaking of the greatest magnitude.

Indeed, the country once called a free America, is increasing it's slide into the oblivion of history, at a rate approaching an order of magnitude!

Another good example of serious crimes doubling as distraction, is seen in the following. The real obvious question below is, 'when did the evidence of treason, crimes, oath breaking, become a debate over policy!

Note that once again the Tweedledee's and Tweedledum's, both parties, just as they joined criminal forces to prevent the Paul candidacy by running the 'un-Paul' candidates in 2008 and 2012, here show their true colors of global empire, FRN hegemony, and tyranny to achieve that end! Here is again revealed their universal complicity in the whole tyrannical, Orwellian, shebang!

Ron Paul 2016! Get used to it!