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Comment: To all those who can't see how this could work

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To all those who can't see how this could work

under a free market, I'd like to offer some suggestions.

One of the biggest complaints against Abundance is that it will put people out of work. To that I say, "so?" Is it really work you want or is it the money? Is it really the money or the items you had planned to purchase? Is it even those items or is it the service they provide to you?

What people fail to understand is the idea that advancement has replaced a dozen power-hungry, resource heavy, labor intensive products with one highly automated, cheap and efficient device. We first got the desktop computer to replace many things and now we're replacing as many as dozens of devices with the cell phone. Considering that just 20 years ago, many mothers took their kid to the ER to get instructions on nursing a bad cold while today that is virtually behind us... I would estimate the number to be much higher than "dozens". More like hundreds.

So, as we lose jobs, we also need less spending money. But it doesn't stop there. With decentralization, we are seeing the beginning of a new trend that we've never seen before in history. When one person figures out how to decentralize something and make it via cheap, home computer-type creation, it now only takes days to months for the entire world to have it available. Picture the 3D printed gun for example. One file copied everywhere and it went viral. Consider some other every-day object being duplicated that way. Objects like a mouse, a monitor, a 3D printer, a cell phone or even a bicycle, car or computer. Those offer a peek of what could become possible but let's consider how other things could change things. What happens when one viral "file" gives everyone a perfected product in home DIY aquaponics or home gasification? What happens when someone shows how to rewire a common household motor and hybridize the first 40 miles of your car? What will happen to the oil companies when they can't stop this? The possibilities are endless and most haven't even been thought of yet but with 2 billion new minds hitting the internet conversations in a couple years, this won't take long.

I believe the end-game lies in the people taking back control of wages. They'll either start companies that out-compete existing ones or they'll run the banks' out of the game but it will happen. Once it does, retirement ages will plummet because wages will follow the value that human labor continues to play in an otherwise automated factory. When we lose 1/4, 1/2 or even 4/5ths of the work force to this, one person will again be able to support a thriving family alone. Then, after 8 years of work, retirement comes, offering a long and happy future with the family. Leaving one's career that early allows 4 more people to enjoy full careers from that same position during the traditional 40 year career. This cuts the number of needed workers to 1/10th of current rate. After this, too many things will happen to discuss here.