Comment: I am sorry this happened to you

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I am sorry this happened to you

Thank goodness you didn't get hurt. That's all that matters. Fuck the phone, you'll get another one.

Look at the bright side of this. You got a huge lesson without being hurt. Your awareness will now go way up. Chances are, you will never get mugged again, because you will sense it coming. You will never again walk mindlessly down the street without looking out for dangerous characters. You will cross the street when some questionable characters come into view. You will never walk by an alley without looking into it first. Your world has changed. Trust me, I know :)

Most muggings can be avoided through awareness. You now have that power.

EDIT: When I lived in NYC, I always carried two wallets. A crappy wallet with a couple of dollars, and my real wallet hidden away. Today, I would add a crappy small phone to that.

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