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Comment: To find the ruling... follow the money!

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To find the ruling... follow the money!

It is simple to find their ruling... just follow the protection needed for the hegemony enjoyed by the FED!

What the FED and it's owners wish, forms the determination of all the decisions, actions, and policies of congress and the courts! If it were not so, congress would long ago have impeached the POTUS and the Court, seeking servants of the people's choice, and thus enabling true constitutional freedom!

Therefore it is simple. Follow the FED and it's owner's addictions, and you can predict future decisions... judicial, economic, legislative, militaristic!

Even Hollywood is on board! Their movies have been a prescient reminder of tyranny for decades already!

Make no mistake...

Anything dreamed up by Hollywood has become 'fair game' for realistic use. By this means the garbage of Hollywood serves to condition and desensitize the already dumbed-down electorate.

This includes the most shocking of events involving the most revered symbols of the free Republic, especially when it comes to the need to distract from the evil of the FED, or to create false flags for the impetus to change towards Orwellian tyranny!

Do not be surprised or shocked into inaction!

Ron Paul 2016! Get used to it!