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Comment: Don't forget modern climate science, modern economics, etc.

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Don't forget modern climate science, modern economics, etc.

If I were you, I'd be careful of the interbreeding of practical matters and politics.....When some area of study is driven by a political agenda it can prove or disprove anything, as we all know from all the incontrovertible proof of global warming, or the incontrovertible validity of Keynesianism.

The science you cite is asking us to dismiss the most basic logic, and to not apply the rules that define all other animals to the human animal.

An intelligent being from space who looked at, say, Europeans, tribal Africans, and Asians, say, a thousand years ago, would conclude that they were three different strains of the same animal, with different physical characteristics, behavioral tendencies, and capacities for complex orders.

There's simply no getting around the facts. People look different because they're adapted to different environments. Being humans, their adaptation was intellectual too....certain environments necessitated a lot more planning and ingenuity.

Please join us in reality.