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Comment: Ok, so who is going to start selling bumper stickers...

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Ok, so who is going to start selling bumper stickers...

that say:

    Warning to all civil servants, government employees, politicians

This vehicle is private, sovereign property. Absolutely no searches or property seizures will be permitted without prior warrants being granted that, by US Constitution, Amendment IV, being granted by an elected judge, displaying cause for search and/or seizure plus items to be searched and supported by sworn affidavit from the original accuser of the instigating crime. Occupant reserves the right to record any and all audio, video or electronic information obtainable from the vehicle's location and gives assurances that this information is instantly stored in encrypted form at a distant location. Occupant also reserves every other right identified in the Bill of Rights, especially the 5th.

It is advised to review documentation found at before entering into any legally implicated investigation related to this vehicle or it's occupants.