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Comment: Great advice to get someone killed.

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Great advice to get someone killed.

Weapons are worthless in the hands of the non-combatant. In other words, your asking someone to carry a weapon while not giving them the advice to get training first. A weapon is really dangerous. Just think, in this situation. The attackers out number her, she has no training and she takes out this knife. Guess what. Ante just went up. Now its not a flee and get safe situation for either party, its who will get cut first and worse. Trust me, a knife fight is not something you want to enter, a knife wound is extremely painful. Sure a knife in the right hands and in the right situation can be of use, but realistically that would have been her demise in this situation. They likely would have overpowered her, even if she somehow managed to cut one of them. And the rage would be exacted in return. No, i think it better to be unarmed and defenseless than enter and provoke a knife fight you cant win. Its a recipe for a quick death (though likely you'll bleed out on the street in a ton of pain). Personally I carry a knife everywhere and think it rather wise to do so... but even if i were being mugged I would be extremely hesitant to up the stakes. Only if a clear and present advantage were made available would I take the risk for what equates to giving up what equates to maybe 200$. Have my wallet, have whatever is on me. Better to live another day than end up in a bloody mess on the street.