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I agree that results matter...

The only good thing that came out of the Lincoln administration was the abolition of slavery.

We must also take into account other results, however, when making a judgement on Lincoln's presidency:

1. Membership in the Union became involuntary and enforceable by military invasion.

2. Over 600,000 Americans died whereas slavery was ended without bloodshed in much of the world.

3. Lincoln's main goal was to preserve the Union, and if the Southern states would have agreed to rejoin under the condition that slavery not be abolished, Lincoln would have accepted those terms.

4. Lincoln damaged the economy and financially strapped many people in the South by instituting tariffs to "protect" manufacturing in the North (another big cause for secession).

5. Lincoln suspended habeas corpus and the 1st Amendment which led to the detainment of many people in the press that spoke out against him - setting a very bad precedent.

The abolition of slavery was not the only result of the Lincoln presidency.