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actually, observing broad geopolitical movements,

I'd have to say that Putin forced US' hand; if Snowden were wholly geopolitically-informed, he too probably knew this, going there from Hong Kong.

That's why they're playing up "temporary asylum" status, and Putin is 'assuring' US govt that Snowden was given such status 'only under the condition' that he not leak any damaging intel on US. Now why would he do that, when having Snowden tell-all would benefit him and Russia? Not only that, furthermore, why would Putin publicly play it up, unless he WANTED America to know that "I know that you know that I know more than I'm publicly letting on."

Which has been the point he was always making anyway; it's basically your usual all BS state-craft political posturing.

Frankly, among current batch of world 'leaders' tyrants, there's no one presently alive, who plays the geopolitical game more astutely than Putin. This is not an admiration nor condoning of him or his actions; it's just a cold hard objective geopolitical observation: he's the best at state-craft, right now.

Besides, Iceland already rejected Snowden's asylum request:

Plus, according to WikiLeaks ally and Anti-Bankster heroine Iceland MP Birgitta Jónsdóttir's best efforts, from what I understand, the political climate is decidedly different than post-2008 anti-bankster rage; may not be that amenable to Snowden's plight, as expected:

Also, as a NATO member, Iceland's hands are technically tied, via treaties.

Plus, realistically there are only TWO nations who can outright deny ANY US govt incursions, from Snowden's perspective, to become his state-cover/protectors: China & Russia.

No other nations have economic nor military geopolitical card to play against US govt, in the finality.

So, it was always going to be China or Russia, while perhaps eventually 'settling' in one of the Latin American nations, when things quiet down, if ever.

Hey, don't EVERYONE go to a Latin American nation to escape, evade, hide out, or seek refuge?? It's always been historically hilarious to me that somehow, it became that way; it seems it's always been that way. lol.

Putin, the former KGB tyrant, is a crafty ol' bugger who plays chess for fun, while the Anglo-American establishment political class and their ne'er do wells, now, barely play checkers:

Geopolitically, the days of even competent, evil, Amerikan Realpolitik players are long-gone, fading or dead: neoCons are like the bratty bumbling retard (no offense to those who were unfortunate to be born physically, genetically, neurologically impaired who deserve any sentient compassionate human's full empathy) degenerate progeny of their 1st generation of 'grassroots'-selfmade-evil geopolitical designer daddies.

Frankly, as tyrannical as Putin is, since the days of the "American Moral Highground" is long gone after Abu Ghraib, the only large, geopolitical resistance to the Anglo-American Hegemonic class, aka. the NWO, is Putin: 'we' simply are not the undisputed 'good guys' on the world stage anymore. We the Americans, as individuals maybe, but not too many outside America sees us, through the same mythical Post-WWII lens of good-"Brand America," anymore.

However hyper-propagandized, the fact of the matter is, perception is everything: even the fictitious pro-'America the Great' film and music ambassadorship have long perpetuated great image of America throughout the globe, post-WWII, for a long ass time; in return regardless of even the Vietnam atrocities, the world as a whole, nevertheless maintained a lot of good will toward America, still emerging out of the enormously great reputation acquired post-WWII.

But now, you'd be hard pressed to find any foreign nation that sees us in the same favorable light anymore; how insane is it that it only took 2 GWB terms and 1.5 oBUSHma's terms to utterly destroy that great image, forever?

Seems too easy doesn't it?

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul