Comment: na, it's not a matter of a "new development."

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na, it's not a matter of a "new development."

In this case, even if the blurb were from the Onion, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

There is ONLY ONE issue that can "damage" the myth surrounding the corporatist hijacked US Govt more than any other issue: the truth about 9/11.

Really, can't think of anything more damaging, when Abu Ghraib is already outed, GitMo is already outed, waterboarding/torture/renditions are already outed, the Collateral Murder video is already outed, the bankster fraud/bailouts are already outed, IRS corruption is already outed, Benghazigate is already outed, and now the NSA spying is outed courtesy of Bamford, Klein, Binney, Drake and Snowden.

Frankly ALL of it is public, if anyone bothers to research them.

But while there are still plenty of public info, now that Snowden has attained a level of some credibility, even among the sheeple, there is only ONE reality exposure that will utterly destroy what little 'legitimacy' the current batch of govt terrorists currently have. And, that, if one had to guess, is hard evidence, govt logs on 9/11.

That's why the only irony here is that often satire sites are the only ones that coincides telling the truth, often by conscious intent, subversion, or even by unintended accident.

The real "triple irony" is, the joke's on those libertarians (not you RadioFriendly, seeing as I don't know what your personal views are on 9/11truth) who doubt everything about govt, yet still laughably believe in the official fairytale govt conspiracy that 19 hijackers with boxcutters with Marfan Syndrome-ed dialysis-machine-bound OBL would, in the age of panopticon NSA spying (ubiquitous via ECHELON long before any Snowden's revelation), be able direct a coordinated attack from caves of Afghanistan knowing internal codes for NORAD to stand down on the morning of 9/11 knowingly coinciding the attack with multiple planned drills that 'coninkydink' just happens to 'resemble' EXACTLY what went on that fateful morning, without ANYONE in govt knowing his whereabouts??

Rightie-o! Sign me up for that Hollywood fiction screenwriters' class!

Just remember, while govt sucks at EVERYTHING constructive or positive, anything that requires destroying or killing, it's exceedingly great at.

But any student of history can easily tell you that ALL govt are, and have always been, efficient at just that: systematic, mechanized killing of masses of people, and destruction of private property.

Evil always destroys easily, but cannot create.

Personally, it's always been a hilarious point of contention that so many self-professed libertarians have long been averse to the notion that FACTIONS within govt always excel at carrying out conspiracies, when the reality of human history is, one long series of false flags and conspiracies committed by power-factions.

Yet, somehow in the TV-nation of 21st century, the human genetic knowledge and native historical position to suspect power structure is somehow now seen as something "odd," "kooky," "fringe," and furthremore ridiculed as "conspiracy theorists." Which as a term, frankly only entered the human lexicon, post-JFK assassination.

One may ask, why was being ridiculed as a "conspiracy theorist" entered the human vernacular so late, like 1960's? Because it was NEVER 'weird' to suspect conspiracies, throughout human history, it HAD to be socially engineered to propagandize it to make such natural suspicion of power-factions plotting behind the scenes, as something odd.

Just something to be cognizant of.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul