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similar experience

Some two hours earlier, on the other side of the world, I went through a similar experience. Or maybe it was a day and two hours, I am sort of hazy on the time conversion thing -- not to mention hazy in general from a concussion.

I was walking home alone from the pub just before 3 AM local time when two thugs cornered me in a sort-of abandoned street. It started with the first thug whistling from behind to catch my attention. When I didn't respond, he started running. I turned around to see what the commotion was about. He was running straight at me. When he came in range, I tried to punch him. He was quick enough to dodge. At this point, I noticed his accomplice who wasn't too far away. I decided to run.

Unfortunately, the thug was faster than I was. Preferring to stand and fight rather than be tripped, I tried to punch him again. We started fighting. When his accomplice came, they were able to get me onto the ground. They started kicking. "Stop!" I yelled. "I'll give you my wallet!" The kicking continued. I was protecting my head with my arms.

The next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital with the police asking me questions I couldn't answer to because I just didn't know the answer. Questions like where I was coming from or where I was going to. They told me a taxi driver had found me unconscious and called 112 (the European equivalent of 911). I spent the night in the hospital and they discharged me when my brother, bless him, came to pick me up at 1 PM.

Apart from one hell of a concussion, a crack in my sinus (is that the correct English word?) and several ugly bruises, I am fine. I still wish the thieves hadn't made off with my smartphone, though. The money they stole wasn't worth their time at minimum wage. I wonder why they left what was left of my wallet and especially the bank cards.

* When travelling at night, stick together as much as possible.
* The thugs were able to target me and catch up to me because I was on foot. Travel by bicicle beats travel by foot. (Travel by car is probably not a great idea when coming back from the pub.)
* Avoid bad neighborhoods.
* Stick to the busiest and best-lit streets because they are full of potential witnesses, cops-callers or even interveners.
* Carry something that allows you to make a lot of noise quickly, like a whistle on your key chain.
* If you are allowed, carry a gun and learn to use it. Depending on the circumstances, this might even be good advice if you're not allowed.
* (From one of the comments:) Install a program like Avast on your phone so that if people steal it, you are able to track them.