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"Surely no one here thinks that what is happening to Manning is fair. Seriously?"

I'm sure EVERYONE here thinks it's unfair. But when you enter into a contract with the U.S. Military, you basically forfeit any and all constitutional protections. You become a card carrying vassal of the state. You've signed your life away. You're a slave.

To be honest, I haven't heard any really earth shattering news come out of the leaks either. Maybe someone can help me out with that. Which suggests to me that he made at least two incredibly poor decisions. First was joining the military. Second was risking his entire life for some diplomatic cables and a couple of shitty videos.

I say shitty videos because when compared to the naked girl running from the bombs in Vietnam, ALL of the emotion has been stripped away. All you see is some silhouettes getting turned into Swiss cheese from a long, long ways away.

I feel really bad for the dude. Unfortunately he penned his own name on that contract. He signed his own death sentence when he divulged the information. It's just a sad god damned situation.

But it doesn't have a thing to do with Zimmerman. Or the multiple relevant scandals surrounding that. Don't pretend like it wasn't important. It will continue to be a serious point of contention when they start coming after the guns again. So I definitely wouldn't be writing it off so easy. But there are good points to it as well which have been posted elsewhere.. such as the absolute miserable failure of the media to create this catastrophe that they so plainly wanted.

"By remaining silent about the injustices in the Manning case, the Daily Paul community is allowing the government to try Manning in secret so his message does not get out. "

The DP ain't a news paper with an editorial board. It's a forum. If you find interesting stories about it, post it. If they don't get voted up or front pages, that's the breaks. Happens to all of us.