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I think Rand has a lot going on. I think he's not only a hard worker, but a smart worker, and as a freshman sentator, who has showed up many of the long time driftwood that only works to CONTROL, Rand has earned MANY enemies in the GOP. The Democratic Party is depending on them to do the job of taking Rand out (then they can divide the spoils of Rand and pander Rand's points off to the disenfrancised Democrats who don't pay any attention to the GOP). Rand probably has more enemies than Ron dared imagine.

Rand's wife Kelly just left her job with a GOP consulting firm, he has kids he cares about, and I'm sure his phone, email and snail mail are moe than many hee would believe how much he is getting from his state, nationally and internationally.

So with ALL that, not mentioning his plans, because he is a planner and he's upfront, which as refreshing as that is, it's a dangerous place in dangerous times. I pray for Rand everyday, that he is safe. I worry about him.

I think Ron Paul has created a new business, and is very happy about and is doing his own thing, and while he has said that he supports Rand 99%, based on who Ron has hired, I don't know if Ron will back Rand. I think Ron feels, if the wolves get Rand, that's Rand problem and Rand is a big boy, Rand can take care of himself, and if he can't, Ron isn't going to step up.. I would not be surprized to see Ron Paul's new business, RPI, attack Rand, based on who he has hired as staff, instructors and advisors.. for someone who campaigned on RESTORE THE REPUBLIC, he sure did include WAY MORE globalists, which is not going un noticed in MSM.. and why I think those of us in the GOP who support Rand, will NOT be counting on Ron to help.

I think Ron is distancing himself from Rand.

I'm standing with Rand. I wish Ron Paul well. I think Carol is going to be Rand's biggest supporter to be honest.