Comment: We all saw Rand stand with Ron.

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We all saw Rand stand with Ron.

Apparently, now that it is Rand's turn, we won't see that reciprocated.

This makes me really sad.

For years, Ron was one crying in the wilderness. And I felt so grateful to him for delivering the truth among all the liars.

But as I gave time and money, I began to realize that Dr. Paul was unable or unwilling to temper some of his statements just enough to actually put himself in a position of true power and influence.

John The Baptist's words come to mind:

"He must increase. But I must decrease"

So was Dr. Pauls 1000% devotion to "the truth" an act of courage, knowing that a blurting out one's stream of consciousness, wherever it may go, is not consistent with winning elections? Maybe so. But is it done for love of ones country, if one's country continues to perish as you continue to run and to lose?

There is more to being a patriot than speaking one's mind. One must fight to win, with guile and strategy, so that the reforms you imagine in your head may one day come to life in the world.

Dr. Paul, to whom I am so grateful: Temper your courage with love, for your son and for your country. Consider the effect of your words along with their truth.

Rand must increase. But you must decrease.