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I'd agree somewhat with your qualms about stock footages

that said, I too want to watch it, without the intermissions and see if I personally respond differently to it, when seen as it was meant to be seen, by the director; James Lane did A Noble Lie, so clearly, he's talented and well researched enough to carry it out.

frankly, for me, 99% of the contents/specifics discussed/covered in the documentary aren't new to me; aside from some of the particulars of the relationships between Ewen Cameron's crazy academic progenies.

plus, the interviews were really the focal points, for me anyway. and, they were GRRRRRRRRRRRReat!

hey, they don't have the CNN budget: stock footage is all they can do on budget. regardless, I still marvel at how far and affordable HD tech has become in such a short span, and how easy it is to color filter them + post effects without expensive Avid units these days.

overall, though, I must say, I don't have any issues with the visual, nor the content delivery of the documentary. I'm actually curious to see how much more extras they have on the Blu-Ray/DVD, in terms of full on interviews with the speakers they had. Definitely a power-house roster.

Would've love to have seen more testimony of the military psy-ops angle from Shafffer...perhaps more details from actual, specific operations; though, considering DoD banned his Operation DarkHeart even after it was published, it's not difficult to assume that if he speaks specifically of operations, they'll probably pull more national security letters bullscheisse. still, that aspect, and if any of the speakers knew of the updated name for MKULTRA, would've been a plus. But I always personally viewed these documentary projects as a 'introductory primer for the uninitiated.'

though, suppose, because I've been looking into these topics for so long, even though I do have a design background, I always focus more on the quality of the info, and cadence of the film, not so much on the visuals as long as they don't interfere with the viewing experience; so perhaps my own info vs. visual bias overlooked some of the visual qualms you may have experienced.

seeing as your stated concern, too, is when and if you were to show this as an introductory device to those who aren't familiar with these topics, may have similar feedback. but, my guess is, seeing as how the quality of the video production is still pretty high, by non-foundation funded non-Hollywood budget/standards, I would guess that it's just fine, as a primer for your target audience.

plus, I definitely do think the intermission probably messed up the film's cadence for you, in the initial viewing: I'll update if any YouTuber uploads the docu without the intermissions.

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