Comment: I am a Deist. I LIKE to discuss "religion"

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I am a Deist. I LIKE to discuss "religion"

I define "Religion" simply as a persons belief system..

I thank you for your response to my query. there does not seem to be a cohesive understanding about the exact relationship between the "old" and the "new" testament.

there seems to be an equal amount of derision over the "trinity" when I learned about the gun powder plot and what that had to do with King James..... and then about the Geneva or Shakespeare's Bible, it became clear to me why most people just tune it all out.

as a true American. I think it is rude to attack anothers faith.
people who do not or cannot define their "religion" tend to be the one's who get snarky about this subject.

I try not to be kind to them.