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I wouldn't call what THE SPIGOT wrote as support. Did he contribute to Ron Paul's campaign? Did he join the GOP? Did he cover the brutality that we went through?

No, he wrote a counter pieces as points for consideration.

He didn't bring anyone over to Ron Paul.

THE SPIGOT wrote to bring Ron Paul supporters to Salon.

Ralph Nader and I were talking back in 96, and some protesters were calling him names. I was among a group of his supporters who felt hurt by the names and insults they called him.

Nader was saying "THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO PARTIES", and they were saying he was an idiot to not see that there was a HUGE difference between the parties. Nader called the difference like Coke and Pepsi.

We were hurt though, they didn't like him and that was their point, to bash him because their pack felt good about each other bashing him. And he said to us, "People who call names and insult, do it because they don't have an argument and incapable of thinking clearly.

You make his point clearly.