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No way

I would have prefered Ron Paul to have gotten some cajones and STOOD UP, not wimp out, and be Mr nice guy. We were being HURT, broken bones, the sabotages, the loyalty oaths.. he should have walked his talk.. what did he have to lose?

Israel doesn't impose sanctions. The USA needs to get out of entanglements. Israel can take care of itself. The USA "AID" to Israel is because Israel sees how the USA is AIDING her enemies.. and the TRUTH is, Israel is advanced in military.. the USA MIC has become dependent.. So goes Israel, so goes civilization.

I'm glad RP's got a business, I wish him well.

I think Rand has better people behind him, FIGHTERS who are not going to not fight back. Jesse benton is NOT part of this. They want a fight, they'll get a fight. Pribus and the silencer better be ready, because Rand is NOT Ron, and I for one and happy about that.