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I think we agree

And...yes, I have read the Catechism. At least some of it. I was raised in a very traditional Eastern European Roman Catholic diocese. I have also read a good chunk of the Catholic Encyclopedia - many years ago.

As far as the "SS was following the anti-Christ" thing, I guess first you would need to establish that such a deity exists. And even if you could (which you can't), you would need to provide some evidence that the SS (and, everyone in the military, not just the SS), knew they were following someone other than Jesus of the Bible. That's a pretty tall order.

But, where we agree is that religious propaganda is used to make the "deer in headlights" situation. It is no different from 30's Germany to today - religious leaders justifying genocide and nationalism. German soldiers believed they were doing right by the god of the Bible - that is good enough for me. I have no way of knowing if they were lying or if they had been "brainwashed" by some anti-Christ, devil-thingy - but neither do you or "b".

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