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Very amusing, thanks for the delightful share

It gave me a hearty chuckle! In ‘her’ days fast forwarding to the 50’s, a young man’s dream girl looked like Annette Funicello (RIP)…in a bathing suit. My friends were the nerdiest of the nerds and graduating from a one piece to a two piece bathing suit and then to a bikini didn’t come easily. You have no idea of the identity crisis such a seemingly natural evolution in swimwear posed! A boyfriend who manufactured skateboards and owned a surf board and bikini shop in Santa Monica who was also a competitive surfer (young retired millionaire last time I saw him), an anomalous a match as there ever was in my mid 20’s, eventually remade me in the surfer image having succumbed to culture shock when he saw me in my dated two piece suit; my beach going days were thereafter forever transformed. The moral of this story is there is more to bathing suits than first meets the eye, and if you ask, it is likely every woman has her own favorite story to tell.