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Comment: Tim was NEVER laid back.

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Tim was NEVER laid back.

He was very attractive, had tons of sex appeal in his youth.. and he made a huge mistake dosing his students, and then he did his time, but it took some of his spunk.. he began wearing white suits.. stopped with the Guru stuff when Dick (Ram Dass) returned from India .. he fed off other's attraction for him, and why his AIDS made him into a monster.

Few years ago I found a mutual friend of friends on DP... that was cool.

Honestly.. it's like so many kind people come into this psychdelic world and you think that the peace and the love is there with these beautiful, happy, smiling people (Met the guys if REM back in 85) But really, we're all just people doing our best to get along, even when we don't.

Tim had a great collection of psychedelic art.. we tried to save it, put it into a museum, but he was not trusting anyone not even the guy who brought the first vile of LSD over to the states H-147 from Sandoz

Oh well.. we tried.