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"Not sure what speculation you are referring to."

I'm referring to...

"we won't see that reciprocated"

That is a speculation, and that was the speculation to which I was referring.

"If you think your child is on the slow side, do you scream "stupid" out of devotion to the truth?"

No I don't, and nor would I scream "stupid. It's an odd scenario to inject here, but I get it. I disagree with you in thinking that Ron is virtually or metaphorically calling Rand stupid. Possibly the magazine article and possibly you seem to think that. I don't. I happen to believe that the ideated problems that Ron poses to his son's progress, success, or "rise" as you call it, simply don't exist. I think both you and the linked article's author are reaching for and finding problems that simply aren't there to begin with.

I have NO contention with your third and central paragraph in the comment to which I'm directly replying here. None whatsoever. It's well written and insightful. :)

"If you know Dr. Paul personally"

I don't. Do you?

"is he hell bent on making Rand into a footnote"

I don't personally know, but I, as a personal outsider, don't see ANY evidence of that. In fact, I get the distinct impression that Ron WOULD like to see his son elected President, but there I admit I am only speculating. I have no hard evidence. I don't recall ever hearing Ron claim directly, "I would like my son to be President." Oh well, it is not much of a concern to me.

"We don't need Ron undermining Rand like this."

*I'm unfamiliar with "this".