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any thinking human looking at the picture of zimmerman's broken nose knows that is not "isignificant."

first, getting poked, accidentally, in the nose is disorienting. it's painful. it causes your eyes to water. it is massively not comfortable.

second, getting punched in the nose can easily lead to death.

third, your commend it's insignificant" tells a huge story.

Fourth, what is the punishment for "instigating" (your word). Instigating is subjective; both parties probably thought the other instigated, and independent observers likely would agree with either. But, I'm not aware of a crime for instigating. In fact, I can walk around all day long and give people dirty looks, and despite your thinking I deserve life in prison, if someone attacks me, sorry bud, they crossed the line of legality. You can place your make believe line wherever you personally want to, doesn't matter, the law is what the law is. Guilty of bad judgement... boy, let's lock all of those individuals up. What a dumbass comment