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Hey friend!

Just want you to know that I share some love for you.

I think "hate" is really "love misguided". It's not so much the opposite of love; the opposite is indifference, a lack of caring -- whatever happens, big deal. Hating, is choosing to advocate negative consequences for someone's negative behavior -- it is actively caring about the other person.

I have people who have harmed me who I still care about. Some of them, I want far away from me. That's not because I don't care about them; it's because I care about my friends and family, and don't want these people interacting with them, because these people cannot (for whatever reason -- not judging) adhere to their commitments.

If someone says they'll do one thing, and does another, then that person cannot efficiently fit into another person's plans -- because the other person's plans don't take into account the variability of this specific criminal actor.

So people who consistently violate their commitments are people to be avoided.

Anyway, I've reliving some of today's therapy. :) To get back into topic, I agree that the most important thing is to open one's eyes, to see the world for what it is, rather than what others tell us it is.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. - Fully Informed Jury Association - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)