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I don't think it will embarrassing...

...I think it will be an awesome channel.

I do agree with you about the name of the channel though.

I have to say, I did think, (in order to attract more people to the Liberty message) that applying a personality to the name of the channel wasn't the wisest thing to do.

I wish it would have been something like "the Liberty channel", "The Liberty Corner", "Freedom Corner", Freedom Channel", anything with the word "freedom" or "liberty" would have been awesome.

Aside from that, I believe the channel will be awesome, and full of intellectual brilliance.

But really guys, maybe re-think the name of the channel? Just for attracting people to the principles of Liberty, rather than have new people be reminded of a personality, rather than the ideals of Liberty?.

Regardless, I hope the best for it!

We all can have our ways of spreading the fundamental principles of Liberty.

The fundamentals principles of Liberty, is what's important to convey.

For Liberty!

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