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Comment: You're taking "natural"

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You're taking "natural"

You're taking "natural" rights too literally. What the founders meant by "natural" rights were simply derived from the Christian doctrine that all men are equal("You are neither jew nor Greek, slave nor free but all one in Christ"). So children do have rights as a child of Gor, but obviously not literally in a state of nature.

Agree 100% that our rights need a coercive framework for enforcement though. Look at the middle ages to see what rights you had if you spoke out against the feudal lord lol. Wild west lynch mob justice, like what is happening with the Zimmerman case. Even Rothbard said there needed to be a permanent libertarian constitution and legal code in his anarchic society("enforced by competing for-profit courts") lol. Im sure they'd be really loyal to our rights the way Blackwater is loyal to the laws of war and Geneva conventions.

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