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worship these celebs. It is quite sad to see. They will literally do anything for them. They will even fight for them.

I was helping a friend of mines last year who owns a bar. I was security for the summer. The club started to play a song by Kanye West. Two Men near the bar area were saying how bad Kanye West is.

3 Men jumped on top of those two men and started hitting them with broken bottles. I had to break it up and call the cops. The two men weren't really hurt. I broke it up in time before the stabbing happened.

But seriously... The two men were talking normally. Nothing hateful. They were actually explaining certain things on why Kanye West isn't talented, But those 3 lunatics just got so angry.

And by the way, those 3 men are not related to Kanye West and are no where near being a friend of his. But they didn't hesitate to start violence over nothing.